Monday, 8 November 2010

Research for "The Ravens"

Images of Scuttle from Little Mermaid. Being a rather bumbling and silly seagul, he starts making stuff up, i like the one of him rubbing the back of his neck when coming up with a name, like underpressure and calming himself down, "getting a grip on yourself" effectively in body language.

I rather like these poses of Zazu spreading gossip, covering his beak so you cant see his words, kind of egsadurated

I rather like Zazu's thinking pose as he remembers some details while continuing to talk, that wing on chin thinking pose, eyes going up into his left. This kind of thing would be great to work into the Bird animation

Various poses of Zazu from the Lion King delivering his morning report. It looks abit like he is complaining the way he is using his wings to emote what he is talking about, and this is pretty close to How I envision the Ravens to be behaving in the interviews. I think the interviews should be rather funny, like those celebrity interviews or political interviews which are abit bizarre and abit comical.

Various Disney birds, I rather Liked Archimedes when hes laughing, it kind of looks like hes drunk with the half shut eye lids.

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