Sunday, 14 November 2010

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Work in progress so far. I showed people the bird walk cycle I did and it went down well. The past few days, I have been animating on and off an new bird clip in rediness for a part of the Raven documentary which has one of the birds on a roof trying to break off someones television aerial. At the moment I have been practicing doing a bird trying to retrieve food out of a bin.

This is work in progress..

Sophie Lodge suggested for reference, have a look at the work done on the T-rex for jurassic park or king kong or some walkng with dinosaurs to get the kind of feeling for the bird walking for the ravens.

So here is a few clips I looked at on youtube.

I haven't taken a trip to the tower of London, I plan to when there is a day free, see the birds in action, i think it would be great to get some quick first hand sketches of poses, very quick 5 second thumbnails. So we will see if that is possible for next week.

Divergently, Other than that,
Mostly today ,for some reason I keep going on this "journeymanpictures" youtube channel, which is all about these gang culture areas around the world, places like New zealand, Brazil Sao Paulo, London. I was just looking at some of these videos at the impoverished communities and why they join gangs. I dont know why I am just watching it and thinking, wouldn't it be great to be able to make a 3D movie that draws attention to this. And was trying to think of a few movies that manage to get this point across while making an exciting entertaining movie. I think top of the list is District 9, how it paints a vivid and real picture of the kind of living conditions and poverty in Johannesburg. It would be a bit of a high wire act to be able to pull off as most movie goer's don't usually go to see a movie expecting to be educated, they go for entertainment.
So "Edutainment",where you can teach people a valid important and maybe historical information, without letting them switch their brains off for the action sequences.

For my earlier pitch in this term, I wanted to do a sword and shield fight with skeletons. My thinking was I am not out to make any sort of statement, just a kick ass piece of character animation. though it would be difficult, I am pretty certain i could achieve it with enough effort. But say if I did see it through. Would people realy like the idea all that much?

Possibly, would they remember it? Hmm perhaps. I think if it is a great showpiece for animation, certainly people who like and people who are learning and practicing animation would certainly take alot away from it. But from an animation history perspective. It's not saying alot about the human condition, or trying to push a message thats Really worth talking about.
Like i say I wasn't ut to push any political message as thats quite hard and I don't have anything in particular to say that hasn't already been said more effectively.
Jared Taylor did say at some point during second year of my course "try and tie your work into something worthwhile, or pushing a message that impacts on our world"

Heres what I read from it, tie your film into a relevant issue in the world such as poverty, disease, corporate corruption etc. that sort of thing is very good to push your film as you can draw attention to those issues (hopefully) and also think about the message you are sending, because you may give an unintended effect you didn't anticipate. You may end up unintentionally promoting gun crime or violence in some unthought out way which could lead to disaster, to not only yourself but the people who eventually watch it. So its important to have a good long hard thinking through.

My agenda at this point is to get better at my craft of animation, and to help push a valid point, Right now i need to keep filling my head with relevant issues and just to have lived. that way i have a lot more to talk about when i want to tie my work into a cause thats bigger than myself.

Anyway, the Raven's project can potentially draw attention to English history (hopefully). so I guess all i am doing is having a solid think through of how I can do this. I rather like just being a hired gun at the moment, Someone gives me work to do and I go do it. I just need to be sure the people I work with have their goals aligned with mine.

So anyway, This is just my thought process right now, I will be continuing to do animation tests, and to have a look at some digital tutors tutorials when I have a free moment at home.

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