Sunday, 5 December 2010

first lip sync test for Ravens

I have been working on this all weekend,

Here is the playblast.

The model is rather limited but i managed to get some decent performance out of it. this is still pretty unpolished animation.
it could be better but at the moment i think its fine.

Here is the final render.

this is rendered at 25 frames per second. It seems all my software is not automatically remembering this and I have to go into the properties to change it manually every time. IT can get a bit annoying, But i am glad I finally nailed the problem which has plagued many a render of mine.

This was pretty fun to do, it took me pretty much the entire weekend and a bit of the week to do. And even though its a test and I didn't want to lavish too much detail on it, the results I am pretty satisfied with. Sure there are some glarring clipping issues here and there, which could be fixed with more care and attention,but for now I am very happy with it. I need to do A LOT more of these as about 75% of the film is lip synced Animated character Dialogue. So there will be plenty PLENTY of shots for me to get busy with.

I don't think I am all that intimidated by the task, it still is after all a showcase for my talent and this is just where I am at at this stage. I think Dan will be helping me out a fair bit fleshing out and critiquing the animation. Try and bring out the best results as we can.

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