Sunday, 12 December 2010

NEw hand dragging aniamtion for Depa's "Leap of Faith"

This is a new animation for Depa's pitch. After some feedback last monday. I have been working on this one for a while this weekend and the results are pretty encouraging.

I did the same thing, I filmed my hand dragging, used it as reference, animated the camera to zoom in 3d for dramatic effect. I keep noticing everywhere in like After Effects, Premier Pro, they keep entering the wrong frame rate , something like 29.03, and I have to keep going into the properties to turn it back to 25fps before a render.
Needless to say this gets a bit aggravating, but it seems to be the root of why so many renders seem to go badly. Usually the best way around this is to render 10-40 frames and see how you do. This helped me do a nicer looking shadow when the first looked a bit nasty and pixelated.

But I rendered it out finally and added some dramatic music on top. And that is kind of it. Nothing particularly new here, I just am pretty efficient and pragmatic as to what to do. i generally miss out some steps here and there which can lead to certain shots needing to be re-rendered. But we live and learn, I am picking up these things and reporting them as best I can.

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