Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Yesterday's Pitch went Well

I say Yesterday went well. There weren't many comments about the quality of the pitch itself. Other groups got comments on their presentation skills, and I put that down to the fact that more and more groups are coming out of their shells. I think The Raven group, we are over coming a different challenge.

I figured keep the pitch short and sweet, so we blasted through the sketches and preparation stuff to get to the animatic.
And the comments we got were mostly that the Munin character seemed a bit redundant, like she doesn't have much to say thats relevant. In the script both Munin and Brans characters are asked the same question by the journalist and we wanted them to give two separate sounding answers so as to have some comedy and contrast. But mostly people felt Bran's voice was the stronger of hte two so we should ditch the Munin character. I think Sophie did a great job wit the script, I.E. tying in all these stories and anechdotes mixed with bird puns into their dialogue which is what we all wanted. So anyway that was pretty much it we got a solid thumbs up over all from everyone that the project is coming along very well.

Even though we dont even have productoion schedule done yet or shot list etc. as Sophie is still struggling getting the script handled, that didn't seem to enter anyones mind. Pretty much most of the other groups had a production schedule in the presentation. But i think the difference maybe that they are doing shorts that are completely in 3D with a few environments and we have to integrate 3D birds into live action, getting the lighting to match the backplates etc. We do have one 3D box for Bran's character, but it seems that the shot list and schedule haven't been done because we keep changing the script. SO it is a bit hard to know where to put our emphasis. For instance there was a reference to world war 2 in there, then we dropped it, now it might be back in, so we cant really commit to anything. So for me personally I just want to get on with it. I think this will definitely showcase my skills as an animator, so that doesn't concern me, trying to squeeze as much out of the narrative to make it a real good story seems to be where we are a bit unstuck.

So anyway, after the pitch I said to Sophie just sit on it until thursday, lets not decide anything until we have spent some time away from this thing. I think we need to decide on something soon, as term 1 is coming to an end and we are going to have to be pulling out all the stops for term 2 and 3. Plus we will have dissertations to be getting on with. Thankfully I have been onto that already, reading PLENTY, PLLLENTY of material on my chosen subject. So come term 2 when I have to write it out proper I am super confident I will get it done, as I have lots and lots and lots to talk about :)

Also I forgot to mention upon relistening, Mike Smith was saying we need to populate the ravens world with more props and things that will paint their characters as fully realised. So anyway that will be soemthing for the modelling department and the concepts, as we would like to come up with some props. They need to show that they have next to royal treatment.

Here is the Feedback from our Pitch on Monday 13th December. Speaking is Mike Smith and Dave Bull from Ardmund. they Just listen to our pitch and said what they felt could be improved. Like I say mostly possitive and they have given us some useful tips for more development.

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