Sunday, 6 February 2011

what I have been up to this weekend..

Well, Mostly it has been imporving my walk cycle animation. And After Sophie has given me some advice on how to improve it in the graph editor, i think i am ready to do a new one. First I have been filming and editing together reference for my animation.

Actually, Someone managed to find my on youtube. Presumably someone who is impressed with the animation i have put up there. and this Oliver wants to recruit me for an animated short he is working on. I am a bit not sure, as it seems legitimate, I just am not sure how best to respond.

Cerebus Animated Film
We're working on a Cerebus Animated Feature
and working on getting a budget, too. Looked like we were going to have it already, but we will:)
Our team consists so far of 50 3D artists: everything from the famous to novices spread worldwide. We're all working on our downtime.

With comicbook adaptations being hotter than ever this title has a rich history of integrity and independence: not only did it start independent comics 30 years ago -it has along with it's creator lead the way ever since... we are making history here! Cerebus is a comic book icon with a proven track record of crossover appeal. I'd describe it as Lord Of The Rings meets a subversive Mickey Mouse.

It would be an honor if you considered doing some animation on the film. Not asking for anything to be done for free as you'll own your work, and we'll all vote and discuss for probably 6 months what's the fairest way to divide the money if we get investors. lol. If you like I'll send you the issues of the comic that the movie is based on along with the script etc.

Oliver Simonsen
What Comics Entertainment
8424a Santa Monica Blvd 106
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Cerebus: "There was no chance to call back the impetuous aardvark"
From page 5 of Cerebus issue #1

Animation by James Lane

Cerebus model by Brian Buchmann

with Romain Lapierre
and Christophe Brebion

Cerebus Rigg by Daniel...
Sent to: alexbaxthedarkside

July will be here before we know it:)I've attached a comic, the film is based on several so I can send more if you like. The issues in the early run of the series (which our film is based on) was a bit rough -so we're basing the film's "look" on the series later run. To view our daily progress and animated clips please view our Production Blog
And we have a Facebook Film Page
We also have a trailer-in progress here:
You'll own your work. Cerebus is known for "Creator's Rights": so the idea is you'll make more than a regular 3d job. This isn't work for hire. I'm not asking you to sign over your work, and once money is involved we'll discuss and vote in a transparent forum as to what is fair for each of us to receive: and then we all sign papers together.
and also this isn't going to be used as some pitch vehicle in hopes of a big studio buys it: the Cerebus creator has already turned down Lucas (a long time ago) and recently Dreamworks. yes, he's nuts:) because he won't sell the rights, (I told you he is all about Creator Rights) so we have to do this with independent financing outside the studio system. And most people aren't coming aboard because of me -but rather because of the rep of the creator, who is practically a secluded monk.
So far we have an impressive number of people joining. I think the time is right for such a venture. Anyway, I'm hopeful and apparently I'm not the only one. We have some pretty big people helping out. Don Bluth and his Producing Parnter partner give advice. Richard Bazley, who was Supervising Aniamtor on Iron Giant is a good friend. Gary Kurtz (producer of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back) is currently looking at our project We have Mike Quinn, animator of Yoda in the Star Wras films guiding us. Mike Milo, two time Emmy winning Director of "Pinky and the Brain", is animating a scene. The list goes on. I'm not worthy, and have to pinch myself:) Of course, it's all due to Cerebus' reputation and not me:) For more there is also this:
Anyway, that's the skinny and it seems to be a no-brainer:)
Let me know any questions you have.

I have checked the links and they do indeed lead to the guys blog and to a trailer he has in the works. But i think it best to discuss with Mike and Jared, See if they can tell me what i should do. Seems full of promises, like money at the end, mor than the average 3d animator job, seems like something you can't really guarantee. ill be sending it to Lorna Hamilton Brown to see if she thinks its legitimate. i am more likely to trust a job offer from inside college.

Here is something i forgot to upload on January 26th, but it was my little group discussion with the Raven group as to what to do next, I made some notes:
Jan 26_discusion

Can Boria Sax- writer of the book, can put a plug for his book at the end of his animation. He will be helping us spread the word about our film, and we help each other,

Add on facebook, say you are animating for ‘story of Ravens”


-Can have a raven at the royal wedding.

-en on a play on the famous edgar allan po line never more.

-comedy interlude between bran and munin at baldricks funeral.

-a drill getting all the ravens together, can have bran and munin saying something.

- end on Bran telling a joke.
(add onto a forum thread the endings you have.)

over all i think it is all good. On Thursday this week, i spent time discussing the animation for Leap of Faith with Depa masih, and she showed me a piece of animation with the kind of squash and stretch she was looking for. as well as detailed breakdowns of all the shots she wanted me to do. I do encourage her to have a back as most of my work will be on the Raven group, as there is alot more to be expected of me there. But anyway, i think it is possible to knuckle down and balance the two. I am always keen now to animate in my own time and at college. It sometimes takes a bit of encouraging to make a start and stop faffing around, BUT in the end I get there.

heres some pictures of some clean up I did of my Y axis for the bird walk. I think it will make more sense when the video I am working on is completed.

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