Friday, 4 March 2011

lately, what has been happening this week.

i just completed work on referencing for Bran's last bit of dialogue on Storytelling of Ravens:

i filmed myself in live action and edited the best takes together, as well as drew out the key poses. I have been discussing with Depa the animation for her group, and we agreed some shots may have to be omitted or cut to get the run time down to 2 minutes. Exactly which shots to cut i am not sure, i will work on the ones i have and we will see them together and see if any are unnecessary.

On thursday, I did get my feedback for my Dissertation draft, and it was mostly positive with a C grade. I guess thats fine, i would like a B, but writing is not at the front of my mind right now. it was nice to take 2 weeks away from it and concentrate on drawing and 3D. Mostly my feedback was shortening certain paragraphs, make sure my Harvard referencing is all there as mine was incomplete. Since i am talking about video-games, something i am pretty knowledgeable about, it can be hard for someone who have never touched a game to understand my writing. Short of changing alot of it, i think instead i could rewrite some, but put a key at the end in the appendix to help understand the gamer speak and the short hand for certain concepts and Genres. Oh well, a draft is not meant to be perfect, just a regurgitation of ideas and see which one sticks. and I guess I had more information than i could squeeze in, so it is best to see which i need the most, and the rest maybe save it for the appendix.

I will get on with that on tuesday, maybe have some progress ready for thursdays meeting.

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