Thursday, 28 April 2011

here is a walk cycle I did with the latest Raven Rig (there is a new model i need to get hold of this week)

Here is my work for both "Leap of faith" and "Storytelling of Ravens" .
So far, I have assembled the scene for leap of faith, characters, props and environment. Unfortunately the modeler Nathan modeled in Maya 11 and I am using 2010. So what has happened is importing it an the material images, they have not been connected. So apparently in maya 11 when you open a file, provided all the source images are in the source image folder and the project is set, the images should automatically be assigned to their appropriate parts of the environment. I did all this and the material images didn't assign, so these will need to be reattached manually. Not a big deal, I just need nathan to reassign all of them for me.

As for Storytelling of Ravens, I have to wait for a redesign of the model to arrive, and be textured before I can work on animating each scene. So time is slipping more and more away for me to get those shots done t the quality i want. We have a second year, Jure redesigning the model, so hopefully I will get hold of that this week as I want to start animating ASAP.

For now I have just been working on walk cycles. There is a technique I was taught by Sophie, i nthe graph editor I can highlight the first few steps keys, and go into curves and put them on a loop, and I should get a good repetitive walk cycle. I can bake animation as well, making it a bit less work to copy all the frames. For some reason this is not quite working, it is creating keys but not duplicating the ones i already made, so i need to go through that with Sophie today.

So for now I am focusing on getting leap of faith worked on. I may do a walk cycle for the Old lady.

Also here is a new version of the block out for the sound design people.

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