Monday, 23 May 2011

metalking about timing of shots, and my schedule

here is an example of me working through the timing of all the shots. i was showing my work to Dan Dalli, and he had some advice, which harkens back to first year when working with timing of the shots. We had noticed looking through the edit that the pacing was pretty "flat line", so what i am doing is going through every shot, so for instance, i will count using "1001, 1002, 1003, 1004' and with that, I can feel if a shot is too long. In this case thats the problem with a lot of my shots, too much languishing, the shots need to be snappier.

so here i have the writing shot, this is meant to be quite long, but i am using the timing to gauge if its too long, and we should move on.


I need to get the timing and animation done for all of Depa's leap of faith shots, starting today, and when we meet on Thursday, all agree on the timing for the shots. once those are done she will hand it over to Georgie the sound designer. Freeing up time for me to work on Sophies project "Storytelling of ravens" over the weekend, provided she has finished the raven rigged head for me.

I think Sophie has a lot on her plate right now, we shot the background plates and the puppet for the project, she needs to put a cut of the film together, hopefully that will be done for Thursday, but no guarantee the head will be ready.

Over al i think for this unit, my time has been spread around quite nicely. I am doing roughly 3 shots a day, i would like to do more, but i am spending more time at home these days, seem to be making way for more leisure activities. Thats not to say I'm not dedicated, thats not an issue at all, by default i work hard. In fact even when i am not working on my college films, i am making way for personal short films and digital paintings.

I seem to need to mix things up, have a bit of a different challenge now and then, instead of the usual. Really, I am doing my best on both projects. it would be nice if things could be ready when you want and such, but i am being understanding to my directors and groups every step of the way and letting them get on with their work. I work pretty fast, so as soon as their jobs done i step in.

My communication with my groups and tutors have improved a lot i can feel. I am not timid or shying away from asking, partly is just not having time to beat around the bush or dance around the issue or whatever, but i like to compliment people on their work before i ask them if they've done the job i asked, its just good manners. becomes all the more important in stressful situations, subtly showing people your not taking the piss. Over all i have kept my cool very well. i have the odd moment of loosing my cool, but thats to be expected, but over all i am feeling i am getting a lot better at coping with these demands and deadlines and expectations.

i guess i would like it still if i got to work quicker, instead of holding it off for as long as possible, things would get done quicker and i would not stress out over it as much. but i am less interested in perfection and more interested in getting it done, and at a professional looking standard, which i am confident i can do, its just starting, and dealing with scrutiny. Now i just do the job, accepting that its all work in progress. Anyway, in short i am BETTER than i was, and want to continue down this direction for better or worst.

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