Saturday, 4 June 2011

Notes i have made for the Leap of Faith Third Pass:

Leap of Faith Third pass shots 05-20
By Alex Bax

Shot 05
o Sort out Quill clipping.
o Need to see candle flame.
Shot 06
o Blinking on owl
o Her head turn to the right could havesome ease out on the rotate Y AXIS.
o Get lighting back in.
o Transition needs to be smoothed out, owl movement works fine.
o Remove beam in the BG.

Shot 07
o Blinking, eye opening needs to be quicker.
o Need sky outside window.
o Be careful where hand is writing, tighten in a few places.
o Cant see grandfather clock hands.

Shot 08
o Clock hands are slightly off centre of clock.
o Sky needs to be out the window.
o Light needs to be changing to with passage of time.

Shot 09
o Turn up old lady smoothness.
o Smooth out her movement a little bit, otherwise fine.
o Replace Quill with flexible quill for follow through.
o Drop the sliding across the book hands.
o Right hand sleeve, try getting it not to slide as noticeably.
o Both arms stretch a bit too far, see if this can be improved.

Shot 10
o Cant see watch texture. Everything else fine.

Shot 11
o Hand move too jerky, needs to be smoothed out, overall good.
o Up character model smoothness.
o Replace page 18 with one without the highlight.

Shot 12
o Her movement is a bit jerky, do some smoothing if possible.
o Up the character model smoothness.
o At the end, have one hand constantly on the ladder, one hand should always be holding on.
o The candlelight is very bright, need to see the flame.

Shot 13
o Overall good, add a flap in the middle if possible 00:46.
o Beak doesn’t move, ad a little movement.
o A bit more feet shuffling back and forth.

Shot 14
o Up character model smoothness.
o Foot stops a bit suddenly 00:51, ease out on the Y translate axis.
o Foot clips a little into the step, see if this can be fixed.

Shot 15
o Really good, maybe at 00:56, a bit more rocking back and forth in the pelvis. 00:56-00:58 pelvis should be going towards the steps so she can catch on.
o Up the smoothness on the model.
o Need to see candle flame, as it is I only see the glow light.
o Watch out for hair clipping into the arm, not a big deal, but do some secondary.
o Right hand cuff clips into her hand, not a big deal, play with pole vector a bit.

Shot 16
o Sort out smoothness of camera.
o Character model smoothness upped.
o Glasses movement is good to start with, make it more like the block out version. Glasses clip her nose a bit.
o Make sure spotlight obscures the planks of floor on the outer side.

Shot 17
o Candle black wire bit moves, delete key frames.
o Up character model smoothness.
o Quill is fine.

Shot 18
o Finger clips the wood a tiny bit, but not a big deal.
o Up character model smoothness.
o Ink pot floats a tiny bit, play with in the graph editor.

Shot 19
o Export the spotlight from this shot and add it to shot 16.
o Make the eyes wide slightly later.
o Up the character model smoothness.
o Maybe inkpot needs to be more visible in the darkness.

Shot 20
o Camera needs to be further away, for woman to be off in background, and inkpot to overtake in the foreground.
o Inkpot is not quite in view, needs to overtake the screen. The Landing is just right.
o Old woman at the start need not rotate the way she does, make the ark a bit more gradual.
o There are moments when the woman’s arms and legs “click” get rid of those unsmoothed moments.
o Need to see candle flame.
o Can’t quite see the window in this shot, but background image plane maybe needed.
o Old lady’s right leg should end up a bit.
o Up the character model smoothness.

I have sent the second pass of my shots to Depa masih, the Director, and also Dan Dalli for feedback, but for now i will be making these changes tomorrow, and over the following week. I personally think rendering will have to wait until later next week. Once I am satisfied i have done everything I can to get my shots ready for rendering. rendering will most likely take place in the college, using the Render Farm.

For me personally, there is not a whole lot more I can do for this project, if i had another couple of months to work on this, i would go over every character animation shot in the graph editor, smoothing it out, and scrapping ideas that seem a bit "lame", but as it is I am perfectly happy to let these little compromises in vision slide. i think i am learning to not be that precious with my work, all i care about is getting it done, and have a completed film. I am confident i will get that, even if I have to render out my Shots myself i'll get there.

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