Sunday, 5 June 2011

Afew things to remember while working on Storytelling of Ravens Shots

This is work in progress for shot 3 of Storytelling of ravens. The head animation is first pass, and the Blue screen removal, or Keylight is still kind of unfinished, but for now it is just to see what the composite will look like. i would like the puppet to be very cleanly blue screened, but there were some shadows when it was shot, so it will be trick, will most likely involve alot of rotoscoping masks. But overall I am liking the roughness of it, i think it will work very well. Also, bare in mind, in the final version i will have a shadow in the background, so i haven't forgotten that.
i have done it before ,where i copy the existing layer of the character, fill it with a black solid, turn the opacity down to about 35%, scew it at an angle and voila, a shadow. I just didn't add it for this test as I was more interested in seeing the composite.

When trying to render Shot 3 of brans Dialogue, I encountered some small problems. when Rendering , I wanted the head to render on its own, so I can put the head onto of the Body in After effects. But I could not turn off the image plane.

At first i tried adding the camera to a layer and switching it off, but in the renderview it was still there, even when you tell it in the show folder to not show cameras, it still shows it.

So upon talking to sophie, I found out I needed to go in the Image plane properties:

and turning the RGB setting to None, thus it dissapears. also when rendering, i needed to turn the environment settings it had on down, as it had a blue background when rendered:

This is something I picked up in the last few days when it comes to rendering. whenever i pla a video when its rendered from after effects, it chugs, quite badly. it turns out the reason is when you go into after effects render settings, when you click on the filetype in the render queue, you can change the format from Highest to medium, which is prefered as it takes hardly any time to render and also its playable in quicktime.

Simple Rules of thumb which will make production that much faster when remembered. Any little thing about formats and rendering I come across, i add to a key, so that when i come back to it, its written down where i can remember it.

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