Thursday, 4 November 2010

Green Lit ideas..

Today 7 Projects were Green lit for development.
The Deep_Andy Kinnear
Ravens_Sophie Lodge
Unhatched_Tom Ritchie
hero 1.1_kofi
Chance Meeting_Joe Steel
Smitten_Matt Vadis
The Last Post_Alex Caldow

And This year we have the option to work on 30 second pieces for a student showcase for animation, so there will be plenty of other smaller projects floating around.

the Specific job Role for me over the third year will be Character Animator,

I will be working Primarily on the Ravens Project with Sophie's Group.

i have approached Andy for character animation work on the Deep, and approached Tom for Unhatched, mostly as

a back up animator come third term when they have to get the animation all finished I can step in and Help.

i have been approached by Depa for her 30 second short as an animator, as well as David for his Short.

Term 1 I will be focusing on practicing Rigging and developing the Ravens project , If I cant get someone to work with for a 30 second short of my own,

I'll settle for just working on the main films as I'm sure they will be more than enough to keep occupied.

I worked pretty hard to push my "Restless Guardians" Idea, but that was mostly for the practice of pitching an idea, so for now i have a storyboard ready and some solid concepts for the characters. But this project I will put away for another time as i wont have the time to develop it. I did put together a teaser, and I would have like an animatic, but i don't see anytime between now and December I will have free to do that.

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