Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Helping out Depa's Group for animation on "Leap of Faith"

Depa masih is putting together a 30 second version of her film idea, and has asked me to do 6 shots for her using a simple rig to help with her animatic.

these are the basic shot discriptions:

key shots:

shots:Fingers dragging, finger marks, table, tensions.

Shot: looking into the eyes, camera further out, elevated, zooming into the eye. Eyes squinting. Scared eyes, falling.
Film noir, eyes grow wider, lighting strip ,cardboard slit of light on the eyes.
3 seconds.

Shots: close up above, camera pans out.
Falls away into dark, falls away from camera.
Gets darker till she disappears,
3-4 seconds.

Shot, turns her head, maybe blink, looking at owl. 1-2 seconds.

Shot: hand going into camera to grab the ink bottle. 3-4 seconds.
Turns dark. A bit like slow motion, fishbowl lens kind of look.

here is the model i have in mind to do these:

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